cheap, colorful and flashy. The NALBORI collection of fine bracelets on sale today on NonSoloArgenti

Always running out of ideas for your gifts? Would you like to add a touch of color to your look? come on NonSoloArgenti. The brand new line of fine bracelets includes small bracelets with stones, crystals, balls, chains, to wear all together or even separately.

Low price and very high quality as well as new and attractive designs that follow the current trends.

You can opt for the fine bracelets of the Marsigliesi line by NALBORI or the rosary themed bracelets. They are small jewels made with excellent quality crystals or balls, with charm of leaves or inserted elements (four-leaf clover, anchor, rudder, engraved plaques).

Our bracelets are made in Italy by master goldsmiths, treated one by one in design and composition. Choose high quality at the lowest price