D - Method of payment

1. Mark (temporarily not active)
an additional fee of 2% is applied to the total amount of the order, with a minimum of 6.50 Euro, this payment must be agreed upon by prior contact via email and telephone confirmation (landline phone). The payment must be made to the courier with cash (exact sum, the possibility of the rest is not provided) if the value of the order does not exceed 1,000 euros or by cashier's check (will not be accepted by the courier checks BANK).
The delivery of the product will be postponed for one working day from the date of the order to allow the Customer to obtain the cash. Point E.6 indicates the contractual terms of the shipment in case of payment on delivery.

2. Advance Bank Transfer
In case of payment by bank transfer in advance, what is ordered by the customer is kept busy for 3 working days pending the communication of the CRO. The order is sent only when the actual crediting to the c / c of the company that must take place within 5 working days from the date of acceptance of the order, after which, the order is deemed automatically canceled.
3. Credit card / paypal
In case of purchase of goods with payment methods Credit Card / Paypal contextually to the conclusion of the online transaction, you will be redirected to paypal. Registration to the Paypal website is not mandatory
The amount relating to the goods evaded is debited to the credit card of the customer at the time of effective evasion of the goods ordered.
In case of errors of automatic addressing you can ask for a "direct invoice".
At no time during the purchase process, the Company is able to know the information relating to the buyer's credit card. No computer archive of the Company contains or keeps such data. In no case may the Company be held responsible for any fraudulent and improper use of credit cards by third parties, upon payment of products purchased on the website www.romabijoux.it

4. Recharge your Postepay
the data are communicated to recharge on the postepay.
In case of cancellation of the order, either by the Customer or in case of non-acceptance of the company, the amount will be reimbursed by bank transfer.

E - Shipping Methods
The Company accepts orders with delivery in the territory of the Italian state, some EU and US areas and does not ship to Mail Boxes and to companies providing domiciliation services.

For every order placed on www.romabijoux.it, the Company issues an invoice of the shipped material. For the issuance of the invoice, the information provided by the Customer at the time of ordering will be authentic and no change in the invoice will be possible after the issuance of the same.

Shipping costs are charged to the customer and are explicitly highlighted at the time the order is placed. The payment of the goods by the Customer will take place using the method chosen when ordering. No additional fees or fees will be charged to the item "shipping" at the time of the order except for services explicitly requested.
Services Accessories that can be purchased on request:
1. Insurance: ITA = 6 eur - EU / USA = 15 eur
2. The delivery of the goods ordered means the ground floor, for different needs please contact us before purchase
3. Delivery or collection at fairs, prisons, reception centers, military bases, port warehouses, hospital wards, Vatican: € 50.00 contribution
4. Delivery to large-scale retail trade (GDO) 50.00
5. Telephone notice 4.00 eur
6. Cash on delivery (temporarily not active): 6.50 eur Failure to collect parcels on delivery means that a debt collection process will start, regardless of the value of the goods. How to proceed: in case of return of the package due to explicit refusal, due to unavailability of the recipient to the collection of goods or other negligence of the customer, a new invoice will be issued for the costs incurred for the management of the package return (the return costs of the merchandise as well as the responsibility of the integrity of the return, remain in fact always borne by the buyer). These return costs amount to a maximum of 30.00 eur + return handling costs, of point H.3 of the withdrawal form, which are added for each single item included in the order returned back. In case of non-payment, after 7 days we will proceed through our reference company to recover the aforementioned costs. The company that receives the assignment from us, generally adds its fee to the costs to be recovered. The company reserves the right to proceed with the recovery of credits also directly or by courier, in this way the customer can 'save the legal costs of the recovery practice. Subsequent to a misdirected mark and returned for any reason attributable to the customer's negligence (which we remember, means default and non-recession) no further orders will be considered, subject to payment of outstanding invoices on balance.
For the fulfillment of cash on delivery orders will be made sample checks on the IP address. We reserve the right to refuse orders on delivery in the event of inconsistent or incomplete data, and false or fictitious data will be reported to the authorities.
Services Accessories due to incorrect data communication, STOCKS and RETURNS: in case of storage due not to our mistake but to the customer's mistake (incorrect address, unattended, name not present on the intercom, delivery to commercial activity not indicated, etc) will be debited the costs of practical opening of stock and redelivery requested by the courier. Please therefore check the shipping information carefully.
The goods travel with adequate packaging and, where necessary, with sealed boxes.
The transport is entrusted to the selected carrier based on the destination of the goods. For the disadvantaged places and smaller islands it is possible that the courier will be changed (with notice)
Delivery times for ordered goods are indicative and may vary due to force majeure or due to traffic conditions and road conditions in general or by the Authority.

No responsibility can be attributed to the company in case of delay in the order or delivery of goods ordered.

At the time of delivery of the goods by the courier, the customer is required to check that the packaging is intact, not damaged, wet, tampered with or altered;

Any external damage must be immediately notified to the courier who makes the delivery, affixing the words "withdrawal subject to verification" on the accompanying document and confirmed within 8 days by registered mail with return receipt to the courier, whose address is on the delivery note delivery.

If the package is damaged write "collection with reserve, parcel is damaged".
It is also required the communication within 3 working days to the Company by fax to 06233202120 or registered letter A.R (request address)
The signature for acceptance